Hello there,

The Lady Behind The Vision

My name is Biancca Wallace. I have been consumed by all things photography since 2013.  I like to consider myself a free spirit who wears her heart on her sleeve. These two things allow me to chase memories and capture the art of love and passion of life.


i'm all about it.


i'm filled with passion.


My passion is to create and my job is to tell your story. In other words.. this is your story, my lens. Pursuing me as your photographer means you trust and appreciate how I visually see things. I have a standard I like to meet in order to still be as authentic as possible. With weddings there are no rules.. the more personal your day the more giddy I get. The people I get to work with fuel my passion.  


I take great honor and pleasure in my passion and in being the one to bring your love story to life. I only take on a limited number of weddings each year to ensure your experience with me is nothing but a good time. I always like to point out that this is not just an investment for you, it is for me to. I pour my heart and soul into what I do and love the opportunity to create just as much as you love your person.

What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.

  • growing in my faith + persuing the best version of myself
  • hanging with my love, Kory
  • quality time with family and friends
  • sunsets
  • seeing new places
  • cuddlig my dog
  • trying new food
  • craft beer + good whiskey
  • going to the river + camping in the desert
  • live music > recorded.
  • getting lost in quality conversations
  • hiking + exploring

How long have you been pursuing photography?

I picked up my first camera in 2013 and have been all about it since then. I worked at a hospital for 7 years in two different departments. I was forced to grow up and my eyes were opened to how important life is. In February of 2016 I quit my job at the hospital and became a full time photographer. I felt I was too creative to sit behind a desk and be inside all day, so here I am! Through passion, persistence, and a bigger goal in mind I created this lovely business + brand and could not be more grateful for this journey. It has been so fulfilling, challenging, and so much more. I have met the greatest people along the way and that is what I am most thankful for.

What is your bread and butter when it comes to photography?

Give me two lovers who can't keep their hands off one another and a sense of adventure. Let's go explore a new space together or take a walk down memory lane and visit a place with meaning.

What is your approach to wedding photography?

I aim for things to unfold authentically! I don't like to necessarily pose my couples rather create movement to capture moments. Yes we still get simple smiling photos.

am I your photographer?

You get what you give. If I am giving you my all on your wedding day, all I ask is your commitment in return! I have a standard I like to meet with each wedding I take on and will work my butt off to make it happen. It is so important to me that we vibe well and you and your love can appreciate my aesthetic. I aim to capture the small moments and the big and everything in between. I really am a bridesmaid with a camera, we are together all day long!  I appreciate non-traditional things more then traditional- there are no rules IT’S YOUR DAY. I am a huge first look advocate, but respect your decision to do other wise. I just adore the fact that you get to spend more time with your person on your day and it’s important to have time alone. A wedding day in my world is broken down into small events and when you put these events together your wedding day story is born. If you like to have a good time and are laid back then let’s commit to one another and get to work on YOUR STORY through MY LENS. I will dance with you at your wedding..you have been warned!

Advice + opinion

Once you booked me to be your wedding photographer I am all yours regarding any Idea you want to bounce off someone or need my advice. I witnessed so many weddings so why not take advantage of the knowledge I have gained over the years. Its not everyday you plan a wedding + I know it can be overwhelming at times but never ever get caught up in the planning process. Do Not loose focus of the conclusion of and what your planning and that a celebrating of your love with your person with everyone you love surrounding you.
I really appreciate you taking the time to get to know me and what I am all about! Life is too short to not take the opportunity to create memories with meaning. Love is the greatest thing of all, so why not celebrate it? So be the badass you are and lets do the damn thing!