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Love to know what couples ask the most?  See below for frequently asked questions and information on rates + travel.

A: I’m based out of Southern California in Orange County…. though I am always up to explore new places!

A: I am a wedding + elopement + lifestyle photographer.

for more information on types of  portrait sessions  click here,

A: as soon as possible….I will break each type of session down with tips and suggestion

Maternity photos: 33-37 weeks pregnant.

Newborn photos: initial contact before the baby is born, then parents notify me baby has been born. Newborn session is booked within first 14 days of life.

Wedding: as soon as you decide on a wedding date.

Portrait Session: plan according to your schedule needs e.g. if you need photos back at a certain date.

A: Depends on the nature of the shoot. Turnaround times are as follows:

Weddings: four-six weeks to receive photos edited via gallery link.

Portrait sessions:  two-three weeks receive photos edited via gallery link.

I do not like to rush this process. Communication is key, updates will be sent along the way. 

I do get excited myself and have to look at what we created. With that said,  1-5 photos will be sent to you within twenty four hours of the session/wedding. 

You are guaranteed at least 50+ photos in both color and black and white. Typically this is exceeded and I do not have a set limit.

A: I encourage all my clients to share your photos on any social platform, though photo credit is greatly appreciated.

A: My goal is for the gallery I present to you to not need additional editing. Therefore, out of respect for my hard work and aesthetic, please refrain from any further editing. Additionally, credit for photos that you have edited it is a misrepresentation of my work. If you feel additional work is needed please contact me directly and we can discuss as needed.

A: I accept cash, debit, and credit. All clients will receive an invoice for the session via email.