what to expect

what to expect:

My standard of work is simply to create an enjoyable, personable and good experience . Team work gets the job done. I can’t express enough how important it is to communicate, collaborate and act as a team to get the best results. You and I both have the same goal in mind: get the best photos we can. I am always available to answer questions and help my clients in any way possible!When choosing a photographer you must like their particular style..I would like to aim for a free spirit, modern, rustic meets bohemian look! If you need help with styling I would gladly give my opinion and suggestions. I am easily inspired, thats what keeps me going. I love meeting new people and learning about each of them, its one of the best parts of this job! 

Session Info:


After requesting more information for a particular session I respond with the answers to your questions and any information I feel necessary. We will eventually set up a date, time and location to take pictures.Location:Lets really make this part count!Location is not everything, the people in the photos are what make them beautiful however we can always push the envelope and explore together..I am always up for an adventure. On day of photo shoot I will go over what the session will entail and then we will get to it! I will always give my opinion on what I feel looks best, however my goal is to capture my clients emotions. Aiming to capture documentary style photography!

for example:

Family Portraits: What is an activity your family loves doing? favorite place to be?

Lovers: Make your session a date opportunity! Spend the day together, relax, get a drink then end the day with me taking your photos..lets adventure together!

after session:



After session I will send you preview(s) within 24 hours of session. Once I have edited all the pictures, you will receive pictures via online gallery link to every photo for download to a desktop or phone within 2-3 weeks of our session.

frequently asked questions

Q: how many photos do I receive after a portrait session ?

A: I don’t limit the amount of photos I send, you are guaranteed 50+ photos, some in color and some in black and white

Q: how many photos do I receive after a wedding?

A: averages out to be about 50 photos per hour booked, photos are edited in color and black and white

Q: do you shoot digital or film?

A: digital

Q: can we share out photos on social media?

A: I encourage all my clients to share your photos, photo credit would be greatly appreciated.

Q: can we edit the photos after we receive them?

A: out of the respect of my eye and hard work please refrain from editing photos that I have already edited, once the photo is edited and posted and I am credited for the photo it is a misrepresentation of my hard work

Q: what types of payment do you accept?

Payments accepted are cash + credit/ debit card…all clients are invoiced for the session via email

Q: do you have insurance for your business

A: sure do

Q: how far in advanced should we schedule a session with you?

A: as soon as possible….I will break each type of session down with tips and suggestion

  • Maternity photos: 33-37 weeks pregnant
  • Newborn photos: before the baby is born, parents notify me baby is born, newborn session is booked within first 14 days of life
  • Wedding: as soon as you decide on a wedding date

Q: Do you sell or offer prints?

A: I do offer prints within the gallery link there is a store that you may accsess, I do give my clients full printing rights so you may print the photos where you prefer.